The cool bite in the air, the leaves turning from green to gold to brown: For many fall is the best season of the year. Unfortunately, this often isn’t the case for your skin. Learn how to transition to fall with chocolate skincare below. While the summer months may bring unpleasant heat, the moisture in the air can also help keep your skin moist. When fall kicks in, though, dry skin is often an unpleasant result. With dry skin can come a whole host of problems, including blemishes, uneven skin

Why Chocolate Is the Best Makeup Primer Chocolate has received a lot of hype in recent years for its powerful ability to reduce wrinkles, and its ability to keep the skin looking radiant and beautiful. The research behind chocolate’s power for the skin is leading us to believe that chocolate is the best makeup primer. The skincare and beauty researchers at Cocoàge Cosmetics began integrating the ingredient into a full line of products. The tone of the products, as well as several of chocolate’s unique properties, makes it an excellent

The Benefits of Gold Stand The Test of Time When it comes to time-tested skincare treatments, it would be difficult to find one that’s been around longer than gold. From the ancient Romans to the Japanese to Egyptian Queen Cleopatra herself, people believed in the benefits of gold cosmetics and used it as a powerful facial treatment for millenia. Even today, many celebrities pay top dollar for gold facial treatments. When it comes to hard science behind gold’s value, however, the research hasn’t quite caught up to the anecdotal evidence.  But that’s starting to

If there’s a main adversary when it comes to your skincare and beauty routine, I’m guessing that it would have to be wrinkles. And what’s even more unfortunate about wrinkles is that they come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, depending on what they look like and where on the face they reside. When looking at types of wrinkles, you may think some are untreatable – we can probably prove you wrong 🙂 If there’s any good news, there’s probably an answer no matter what type of wrinkle you

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